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film fund

Atka Films Micro Budget Film Fund*


Guidelines and FAQ


What is the Atka Films Ultra Low Budget Film Fund?

Launched in 2016, the fund was created for artist and filmmakers who have passion to created shorts films and feature films with only hat they have in front of them.  The support of friends and family and passion to just do something.  For artists who focus on story as opposed to scale, for those can shoot fast but hold themselves to a high quality of professionalism, those who seek further education and understanding on how to execute a film in an organizing manner. Irregardless of budget.  But who need a few extra dollars to pay for that festival submission or to provide food for volunteering crew and cast, or to get that first IMDB credit, or to get an extra payed day off work to finish shooting, or to provide honorariums to actors and or crew, and those who need and seek advice from experienced producers. For filmmakers who need that support they have not received yet, for people who do not want to be paper pushers but just want to shoot, but be able to have the legal wherewithal to be able to properly distribute their project, and for those that need mentorship and a ease to be able to create and not worry about the producing side, when all they want to do is be an artist and direct.  We are looking to provide Artists and filmmaker who, our priorities for funding: Support for ambitious filmmakers, focusing to support filmmakers who are finding and refining their voices; ones that a explore sensitive themes and ideas, or as simple being given the opportunity to make a second film, which many do not do. Projects that spark debate, conversation pieces, progressive ideas, or agitations.  Stories which address social, political or other cultural  themes. that Provide important context or under-represented points of view, or expressions of identity.  Projects that are willing to risk in what is shown visually, and projects that might recognized different perspectives.

The following are key notes that we look for in filmmakers, and what they plan to do with the film.

  • Plan to distribute their projects in Festivals, or have an avid interest in self publishing such as on YouTube or other streaming site.

  • Filmmakers who intend treat everyone like an equal player, those who provide supportive feedback to their team members and value the time people are placing in; by providing portfolio to those crew and cast

  • To provide thought provoking films with a twist for the Atka Films and Atka Films branded platforms and their partners and subsidiaries.



Selection process focuses on these main areas: 

  • Key Creative Team: Strength and Experience

  • Subject Matter/Themes: Stories that will have the filmmakers step over the lines visually and with story(TIP: if it makes you angry, produce that)

  • Star/Lead: Experience and Right Fit

  • Supporting Roles: Experience and Right Fit

  • CAVCO; must have at least 6 out of 10 points

  • Final Draft of Screenplay

  • Not already in production

  • Are the filmmakers insurable on their own merits if need be.

  • Must reside in Vancouver, Canada full time.

  • Your final budget must not exceed 3000$CDN including funds from Atka Films.

  • Willingness to create promotional material or learn how to create promotional material and be mentored and to be a team player that actively promotes the film; unless otherwise discussed.

  • Ability to create contracts and or to be mentored on how to create contracts.

  • You have the intent to submit the film to festivals


Why is Atka Films doing this?

Our founding producer struggled to get his first films done, most of which only cost a few hundred dollars.  And which gave him awards and a careering the industry.  He was helped by investors later on, which that experiences has given him the invaluable experience of knowing how even just a few dollars and experienced support can change a persons life for the better. He wants to help, and show how far even a little bit can go; to be able to empower artist on their own terms.


Can I receive more funds than the maximum of 1000CDN fro Atka Films if my budget is already over 3000CDN?


Yes.  If more funds are requested then a meeting will be taken to discuss the possibility.


How and when can I apply?


As soon as you want, we accept scripts all year round.

How involved do I have to be in the filmmaker process as a producer?

Your involvement will be discussed and contracts will be created around that; 




if you are simply looking for funds but are not wanting to be a producer and would prefer all publicity and producing and paperwork be handed by Atka Films; in which regards Atka Films will receive full control and rights over the production and script;




simply wish to be hired as a filmmaker to have you script brought to screen with the funds; which will still fall under the following statements along with the contract to be signed once interest is presented from Atka Films;




you may simply apply for a Director position on one of our current in Development productions(lists can be seen on our development page).


How much can I get?


Applicants have a chance of receiving 100-1000 CND.  The applicant has an option to request a certain amount, but the final decision of what amount will be award is solely up to the decision of Atka Films based on the information received.

When and What does Atka Films get for the funds?


As soon as the film is completed.


What type of distribution deal with be signed with Atka Films?


Exclusive Distribution for three months for short films, and 1 year for feature films(feature film qualifies as anything 42 minutes and over); after completion on the Atka Films branded sites and non-branded business partners, which includes Amazon Prime(as long as the film meets quality requirements, which will all be listed in the contract to be signed)


Non-Exclusive Distribution in perpetuity after three months for short films and 1 year for feature films(feature film qualifies as anything 42 minutes and over).  


If the three month exclusive distribution deal is found to be broken by filmmaker by means of preemptively signing another distribution deal, or screening at a festival, or YouTube upload whereas the film is shared publicly or privately, or any other capabilities or streaming or watching the film are given to the public.  Atka Films will then seek damages of the return of the funds provided, to which the filmmaker with signing agreement too before funds are initially received, and full copyright will be given to Atka Films and its producers.  


What rights will Atka Films have once the film comes to Atka Films?


Atka Films will have the right to show the film to Canadian and International audiences on television, and on any digital platform including digital downloads for free or purchase, and on any public or private screens in perpetuity.


Atka Films’ digital and telecast rights will be exclusive for the for 3 months for short films, and 1 year for feature films, and non-exclusive in perpetuity after those timelines. Atka Films may also sub-licence its rights in Canada and Internationally to attract more audiences.

Does Atka Films get a credit?


Yes. Atka Films will receive the following:

(1) an animated logo before the film’s opening credits sequence;


(2) a prominent “Produced with the assistance of the Atka Films Ultra Low Budget Film Fund” credit in the film's opening credit sequence; and


(3) a closing credit “Produced with the assistance of the Atka Films Ultra Low Budget Film Fund” and “” and Atka Films’s executives which will be provided at a later date based on which produced from Atka Films will be placed on the project. In addition, Atka Films will be prominently credited in all press and publicity as "Atka Films presents" and “”.  For Social Media crediting "Atka Films", and specifics to tagging and Social Media linking will be provided within the contract to be signed.


Does Atka Films share in any profits?


Yes. If there is a profit, Atka Films will be the first to receive the their initial investment into the film, with 5% interest on that initial investment.


When does Atka Films get the film and Promotional Material?


Maximum 5 business days after completion.


*the requirements of this funding may be changed at any time without notice

*currently not launched officially, the information here is available for viewing but is subject to change without notice; and applications are not being accepted currently.  If someone does submit at this time, that application will not be looked at until an open announcement is made, that the Film Fund is officially accepting application; which will be posted on Atka Films social media pages 

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