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BREAKING NEWS(2008) + other psa's

Executive Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier

Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier

Directors Attila(as Attila Kállai)

Writers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier

Stars Enrico Bongo

Genre PSA, reality, human rights

Tagline homosexuality is not a disease, but the hatred is

Synopsis We encounter a man watching t.v. who becomes increasingly frustrated with an emergency announcement in another language, and leaves. Upon returning he sits in front of his t.v. and sees the show returning to its regular broadcast. However, what the man missed from leaving the room is that there is a very contagious outbreak which is life threatening, and everyone should go to their local clinic for a vaccine.

Time 1 minute

Links Out In Schools, VSB, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Queer History Project, Xtra West Newspaper, International Day Against Homophobia, Day of Silence(april 25), Clermont-Ferrand

Languages English(spoken), French(spoken)

Location Canada

Production Dates April 2008

Shoot Dates April 2008

Release Dates

-October 14 2021, SAGE RI LGBT Cafe, online(Rhode Island, America)

-June 28 2021, SAGE RI LGBT Short Film Fest, online(Rhode Island, America)

-June 20 2014, YouTube

-September 2008, Xtra West Cultural Series(Vancouver, Canada)

-August 2 2008, Vancouver Queer Film Festival(Vancouver, Canada)

-January 30 2008, Clermont Ferrand Short Film Market(Clermont-Ferrand, France)


-Official Selection SAGE RI LGBT Short Film Fest 2021

-Official Selection Xtra West Cultural Series 2009

-Screened Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2008

-Winner Best Film Out On Screen/Out In Schools/Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2008

Content Rated G

Sage Ri LGBT film fest.jpg



KIRBY RAE - Play Time Host




ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Director, Camera, Editor, Writer

MAGALI GAUTHIER - Producer, Assistant Director, Writer(French dialogue)/Subtitler

ATKA FILMS  - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor

SILLYCOD PROD  - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor/Subtitles

OUT ON SCREEN - Distributor


-Was created last minute from a recommendation by a friend of director Attila.


-Director Attila gave co-director Magali Gauthier top billing as filmmaker for "Breaking News" because he believes everyone needs and deserves a little appreciation.  He felt it was her time to be recognized.  Although Magali has always felt opposed to even being credited as a director on this project, as she didn't direct this piece but only assisted.


-While creating this video, they also created at the same time the following titles, these are other PSA's that were created simultaneously(which can also be viewed on the Atka Films YouTube channel):

Breaking News(2008) - Winner Best Film(Directed by Attila)

Heterophobia(2008) - Nominated Best Film(Directed by Magali Gauthier)

Play Time(2008) - PSA(Directed by Attila)

Breaking News 2(2008) - PSA(Directed by Attila)

Flower(2008) - PSA(Directed by Attila)



"Congratulations!  Your film was selected the winner of the Anti-Homophobia PSA contest!!  Thanks very much for your submission!!  Keep up the good work!"


Sincerely, Ross Johnstone
Director Of Youth Education
Out On Screen, Out in Schools


LETTER FROM PRODUCERS to fans, cast, crew 2008

These five commercials were created by Magali Gauthier and Attila Kállai for the "Video Out Contest", for "Out On Screen" and "Out in Schools".  All four were created in two days.  The commercials were shot at the end of April, and now two months later we have received confirmation that one of our commercial won.(below is the e-mail)

These short films are not something that hasn't been talked about before, they are not revolutionary, they are not new points of view.  Of course looking at these and the ideas behind homophobia, you'll probably be able to very easily figure out what each one is about.  Even though we've all heard it before, repetition is the answer.  The point isn't to annoy you with the same info., but to keep that understanding fresh in your head.  I'm sure your math skills from high school aren't as sharp as they once were. 

We can't expect to change hatred right away, it takes time.  That's why we have to keep reminding ourselves; to be polite, to sympathize, to see what the other sees when they look at you, to remember back to a time when you were the victim.  In general, it's just about human compassion, or there the lack of that needs to be created and kept going.  We have to keep remembering our struggles and pain from the past, or there's no way to change this for the future.
How can we expect ourselves to stop someone's pain if we cannot even understand it because we've forgotten to remember our own.

Attila Kállai
Executive Producer, Atka Films


ONE YEAR LATER letter to fans, cast, crew 2009

It's been a year since our WINNING film "Breaking News" was released to festivals and broadcasting. With major response from hundreds of people having already seen the film, our one year release, and May 17 being International Day Against Homophobia(with a week of events); we've decided to make "Breaking News" public release, as well as the rest of the psa's we've created.


This group was created to keep the reminder going of the support we need to keep sustaining as humans, for love, friendship, and to keep our human kind going strong -However flawed we may be at times, there's still some good.

Myself, and others(crew/actors) at Atka Films have been a supporter of the GLBT community for years, and will continue to do so. I have proudly for years stood up for the rights of people in voice, action, and of course my favorite in combination, film. Besides "Breaking News" and our other psa's, we have other films that might interest your fancy towards equal rights(ATKAFILMS.COM)as well being in part a community production we are open and look forward to collaborating on ideas if you so have one. We also enjoy comments through our site and email.


    Sincerely, Attila Kállai

Executive Producer, Atka Films


 Sincerely, Magali Gauthier

Executive Producer, Atka Films/Sillycod Prod

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