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opinions(2023-present)  filming 

Synopsis A host creates a discussion with guests by blindly selecting a random word chosen from a dictionary. The conversation can then go in any direction, it's free-flowing and open to topic changes; "coarse" language, humour, and openness. A talk show that doesn't censor content, but understands some thoughts are sensitive & need to be dealt with respect/care. So come watch us read the dictionary; and if you have an opinion and an asshole then you're pre-qualified to watch. CONTENT WARNING For mature audiences only, viewer discretion is advised. Episodes will contain "coarse" and "explicit" language, and very serious subject matter. Some discussions will include talk of Mental Illness, Mental Health, Violence, Racisms, Self Harm; but will not be limited too. No topic is off limits. The genre of the show is comedy but it's not the aim to be funny for everyone. Comedy is subjective at different times in our lives; this comedy can be very dark, sexual, and outlandish. Please enjoy responsibly.

Tagline Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and so do I.

Genre talk show, comedy, series, education

Content X18+, Explicit Language, Comedy

Time 1hr

Link IMDB, Twitter, FacebookAmazon Music, Audible, YouTube Music, SoundCloud

Language English(spoken)

Location Canada
Production Dates October 4, 2020 - present

Shoot Dates October 12(Pilot Episode), November 20th, 2023 - Present

Release Date November 27, 2023


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Attila - Self @actorattila

 SYNDER STARR @CuddahySynder




ALEX MULI - Audio Post Mixer

EMILOR JAYNE - Artwork by Emilor Jayne @EmilorJayne

BUMP N GRIND CAFE - Catering/Location provided by @BumpNGrindCafe

ELYSIA RITCHOTTE - Graphic Designer/Screen Printer

GANINA - Grateful Thanks

ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Distributor/Presents @AtkaFilms



see episode specific credits on imdb



The Podcast started based on a short film in 2016.

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