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    CASTING Best Friend (female 40's) Work Colleague(unspecified) Natalie the Barista(female) G. Girlfriend(female) M. Girlfriend(female) Mother(female, 60's) Facilitator(male) Member of Meeting 1(male) Member of Meeting 2(male) Mem ber of Meeting 2(male) Cafe Patron 1(unspecified) Cafe Patron 2(unspecified) Cafe Patron 3(unspecified) Lust or Love Profile 1(male) Lust or Love Profile 2(female) Lust or Love Profile 3(female) Lust or Love Profile 4(unspecified) Lust or Love Profile 5(unspecified) Lust or Love Profile 6 (unspecified) ​ CREWING Camera Production Assistant/Producers Assistant Makeup Assistant Director Gaffer/Grip Boom/Sound Mixer Stills Editor Sound Designer/Foley Composer CREW Director/Writer TBA ​ Producers TBA Digital Designer MARÍLIA SILVA NASS Musician AMY ROSE HAMELIN Costume Designer DAYNA FURST ​ Executive Assistant SHAWN DERRICKS Special Thanks ******* CAFE ​ Executive Company/Presents ATKA FILMS ​ Production Company JUST ACT FILMS ​ Production Company TBA ​ Distributor ATKA FILMS ​ Distributor JUST ACT FILMS ​ Distributor AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA REVIEWS/PRESS CAST/CREW ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In Watch Film Trailer Press SHARE Cry for help(2021) Executive Producers Attila, Perry Griffin Writer/Director/Producer Attila Stars Perry Griffin Genre drama Tagline That's why it's called a cry for help! Synopsis Barry takes a walk in the woods to reflect on his life living with mental illness, as he builds himself up to make a choice that will change his life forever. Time feature Links IMDB, Perry Griffin Language English(spoken) Location Canada Production Dates June 2020 Shoot Dates November 2020 Release Dates -2021 Awards Content 16+ VIDEOS STILLs TRIVIA ​ REVIEWS/PRESS ​ ​ Cast PERRY GRIFFIN - Barry @PerryGriff ​ Crew ATTILA - Director/Executive Producer/Producer/Writer @AtkaFilms @AtkaStills PERRY GRIFFIN - Executive Producer/Producer SHAWN DERRICKS - Executive Assistant MAT GILROY - EPK Camera Op MARÍLIA SILVA NASS - Digital Designer (RUMORED) AMY ROSE HAMELIN - Musician(RUMORED) DAYNA FURST - Costume Designer(RUMORED) THE NARCISSUS CAFE - SPECIAL THANKS(RUMORED) ATKA FILMS - Presents/Executive Production/Distributor JUST ACT FILMS - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor "PRODUCTION COMPANY" - to be announced AMAZON PRIME VIDEO - Distributor TOP

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    CONCEPT FOUNDER 2019 2018 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2000 JOIN US WHAT WE CAN DO COMMUNITY ACKNOWLEDGMENTS about ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In CONCEPT A freestanding group established in 2000, creating original projects from concept to distribution. Producing an independent string of works by our team, as well as contributing to the efforts of other independent writers and producers under co-production. Our executive company Atka Films, along with our subsidiaries: Just Act Films, Atka Films Post Production Services, Atka Prod, Damaged Video Productions, First Touch Entertainment, SD Production, Hell Yeah! Productions, Just Act Films, and Atka Films Reality; work with local and international groups, artist, companies, and filmmakers to create works of art, media, and/or industry projects(whether permitting to fit with our goals) using mostly digital media among others. Atka Films was started by veteran actor Attila. ​ ​ NEW CONCEPT In 2014 a re-branding and re-launching has begun, with new Producers, Membership Services, and much more. Relaunching with new skews such as Just Act Films -a Co-Op production group. As Atka Films; once re-launched we will once again provide affordable independent prices for: insurance, crafty, casting, crewing, premieres, digital design, cast coaching, and more; or taking your idea into Production, or Co-Production and further. FOUNDER Attila, a multi-award winning auteur filmmaker, and past member of the once Independent Directors' Alliance at Lions Gate Studios. Attila began in the arts as a child actor, later as an adult he worked as a freelance newspaper writer. He has spent over 20 years working behind and in front of the camera/stage; internationally/locally.... His career is based on understanding others; by experiencing all positions, that's when magic happens-"when you know what others go through". This has made him the success he his today as a producer. As an actor; Laurence Olivier and Attila agree that the best way to be believable; don't over think, don't over talk, don't over study... "Just ACT"! You can view Attila's full artistic history on his website and soon will be able to watch his feature film biography in " The... ". NOTABLE HISTORY POINTS 2019 -February 2019, Atka Films will begin streaming selected films on Amazon. -January 2019, season 5 of "#VanLife" begins airing this year on the Stream page, starring Raven Light. ​ ​ 2018 -December 2018, streaming content is being implemented along with an MOD distribution on Amazon. ​ -November 2018, "Dinner" lists on IMDB ​ -September 2018, Season 5 of "#VanLife" begins shooting with new host Raven Light ​ ​ 2016 -May 2016 Atka Films Reality is established, and their first series "#VanLife" premieres. ​ ​ 2015 -February 2015, secondary casting begins for "efiL" and Crewing ​ ​ 2014 -December 8, Callbacks continue for "efiL" -November, "efiL" turns from short film to feature film -November, Callbacks for "efiL"-October, auditions begin for "efiL" -June 2014 Atka Films opens their second branch: Just Act Films; in Toronto, a Co-Op production group. -February 25, "Over" and "Dogs, Dames, and Trouble" receive and IMDB page. -January 21, Atka shuts down completely to begin re-launch; productions are no longer being taken on; only those productions in Post are being handled. All board members and investors have been dissolved. The length of the shut down is unknown at this time. -January, Season 2 of "The Art Of..." continues filming-this season with major stunts. And "Over" open to audiences in France. -January, the French subtitled version of "Over" is released with poster to go with it; as well as in Hungarian. -January 2014 Atka shuts down completely to begin re-launch; productions are no longer being taken on; only those productions in Post are being handled. All board members and investors have been dissolved. The length of the shut down is unknown at this time. ​ ​ 2013 -November, "Over" is confirmed as Official Selection for Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde and Nominated Audience Choice and Jury Prize -October 2013 Production of re-launching and re-branding Atka Films has begun to take shape; only internal production are begin produced and only film services besides Production are being offered. -September 20, Atka Films Crafty joins the crew of Feed the Gods -August 2013 Earlier talks of changing the structure of Atka Films began to take shape this year; to bring more community involvement and to change how and what types of films are being produced. -August, Two new producers are in talks to join Atka.... Names to be released. -August, Further plans developing for the new Co-Op that will be "Atka":films, distribution , subtitles, events, community non-profit, & more... -August, Atka Films designs the first teaser poster for the futuristic short film 'Cascadiac'. -July 27, the next "Dogs, Dames, & Trouble" Fundraiser takes place at Deer Lake: paddle boats, food, and posters. -July 21, "The Art Of..." receives an IMDB, for the Series for S1E5, and is released today. -June 24 the NEW channel for Atka is released with more videos than you can shake a camera at..... To go along with the new Co-Op based Atka.... -June 8, "Dogs, Dames, & Trouble" has it's first successful fundraiser for first time director Kimberly Jeannotte. -April 18, all bonus footage for "Over" is released: PLAYLIST -April, "Memory" receives an IMDB, the first film as writer/director for Attila -March 3, "Take It Like a Man: PINK CUT" receives an IMDB, which was shot as a series pilot. -March 23/24, "Hotel: promo shoot" was ahead of schedule and on budget, Atka Films only produced the Pre-Production and Shoot for this promo. -March 11, "The Art Of..." receives an IMDB -January 3, our next epic production: "365", will include the teamwork of over 1000 cast and crew, pre-production is guesstimated to begin sometime in 2014 ​ ​ 2012 -November Atka Films becomes a YouTube Partner. Atka Films began it's first YouTube channel in 2006, with it's bonus material from all it's films up until that point. That original channel ran until 2010; which gained thousands and thousands of views and hundreds of subscribers. Through unclear instructions (which we can all see how clear changes have been improved since Google took over) where our YouTube channel was being updated, but was accidenyl removed. At that point we were also in works to become a YouTube Partner. This time(2012) around however, YouTube approached Atka Films and asked us to become a partner. -August, "Over", the new drama directed by Attila opens to a sold out premiere, with incredible response and reviews -March, The first short film from artist Yana Yaseneva(photographer/DOP). The project is a labour of love which began in 2009 as a short film of three minutes, a homage to "Coffee and Cigarettes" (1986). It was planned that there was to be two sequels, but after Atka came onboard, it was all thrown into one production, and after nearly a week of shooting, the film was asked to be the Official Selection for the Russian Queer Cultural Festival before completion-a major step for Yana, and human rights-as Russia still has laws against LGBT projects. This was the only film apart of the festival. -March, producing two commercials this April, in Duncan BC -March, Atka Films silent investors -March, "The Missing Me" receives an IMDB -February, Sven Soukup and Andy Ahluwalia have won the Rising Star Award for "Code 5" at the Canadian International Film Festival -Atka Films takes on to produce "Diablo", as feature aaction film to star Danny Trejo and Michael Madsen, David Bowie -January, "Double Redemption" begins Pre-Production -January, "Slow Bleed" is locked in for distribution with Action On Film Festival ​ ​ 2011 -October, A Distribution deal is in talks for "Slow Bleed" to be released on DVD, throughout the Americas for 2012. -September, "Code 5" WON for: BEST FILM, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK; at the Blue Snow Film Festival in Montreal -September 2011, Atka Films has begun negotiations with the school TVAK, to be in business together. Our first semester together is slated to start November. - September 2011, an original song is being written for "Cold Side of the Pillow". -September 2011, "A Few Feet Only" is catching the eyes of some recognizable crew throughout the world. -September 2011, "Intertia" receives more attention from investors. -September 2011, Pre-Production has begun on "Awaken", co-produced with Dave Cote. -September 2011, "Code 5" is the OFFICIAL SELECTION at Blue Snow Film Festival in Montreal. -August 25 2011 "Code 5" Premieres at Las Vegas Cine Film Festival as the OFFICIAL SELECTION. -August 24 and 27 2011,"The Missing Me" premieres in Toronto once again, this time at CineCycle. -August 23 2011, Atka Films begins Pre-Production on "Colorful Walls" in association with Cognito Studios -Atka Films opens it's doors for public submissions, for the very first time. -August 16th 2011, Premiere for "The Missing Me", "Code 5", "Bar Paradise", "Arundel Mansion", "L'Epyrie", and "Bong and Hot Sauce" at the Denman Cinemas". Our biggest film premiere to date. 2011 has been one of our busiest year yet, which has brought forth our largest film premiere with 6 productions screened. Unlike other indie producers and filmmakers we give back more and more; so for every film we produce we have a premiere: with red carpet, video coverage, prizes, dvds and sometimes trophies. This year was no exception, with: "The Missing Me", "Code 5", "Bar Paradise", Arundel Mansion", "L'Epyrie", and "Bong and Hot Sauce"-which was not produced by Atka, but was hired to organize a premiere. -August 2011, "Inertia" moves forward with more interest from investors . -July 2011, Atka Films begins development on the untitled horror musical. -June 24 2011 "Code 5" receives and IMDB -June 2011 "Slow Bleed" is NOMINATED for BEST COMPOSITION at the Action on Film Festival. -June 2011 "Slow Bleed" will premiere at Action On Film International Film Festival -May 2011 "The Missing Me" is Official Selection at the Queer Cultural Festival in Russia -May 20 2011 "Slow Bleed" receives an IMDB -April 15 2011 Day Of Silence video is shot this week and released this day. "The National Day of Silence is a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools." Atka has always been a supporter of LGBT issues with short films, and public service announcements; and was more than excited to create another video in support of this community. Invited by politician Ryan Clayton we created this to the point short video, which "speaks" to all languages. -March 2011 Atka Films books eight week shoot for the Political Campaign Videos for Ryan Clayton -February 19/20 2011, The AAA(Atka Annual Auditions) are back underway -February 19/20 Since 2006 we've had unofficial annual auditions-with our single film auditions, as numerous projects have come into our hands. Since then we've had more projects come our way, but placed on our production list. Since completing our films, we've moved onto producing the projects left on the 'list'-due to the fact we had so many of our immediate own projects; but this year we began "Official Annual Auditions" for the projects that came our way in previous years. The best way was to cast all of our productions at the same time. ​ ​ 2010 -June 2010 Atka Films brought on regular investors -August 28 2010 "The Missing Me" is selected for the Toronto Indie Can Film Festival -August 25 2010 "Breakup" receives an IMDB ​ ​ 2009 -August 24 2009 "F.Y.T." is selected into the Xtra West Cultural Series 2009; to be shown SEPTEMBER 9TH 2009 -May 19 2009 Sara Sabyan and Attila Kállai record commentary for "Memory: director's cut", and "Memory" (2004); and Attila interviews Sara -May 2 2009 "Breaking News 2", "Play Time", "Heterophobia", and "Flower" are online -May 2 2009 Award Winning film "Breaking News" is online for the one year anniversary, and International Day Against Homophobia May 17. -April 2009 "F.Y.T." new double disk dvd is available, with cast/crew commentary, deleted scenes -January 14 2009 Xtra West Cultural Series crowd is pleased by Atka Films and goes off without a hitch -January 12 2009 "Breakup" trailer is released ​ ​ 2008 -December 2008 "Take it Like a Man: Pink Cut" is selected for the Xtra West Cultural Series 2009 -December 2008 "Breaking News" is selected for the Xtra West Cultural Series 2009 -December 2008 "Memory: director's cut (2008) is selected into the Xtra West's Cultural Series 2009 -December 2008 "Take it Like a Man" gets a new look for shooting the series; to premiere late fall, and possible tv premiere Fall 2010, 3 seasons of scripts are in partial completion -November 2008 "Stay with Me" directed by Attila Kállai receives an IMDB -November 2008 "MUSIC: connecting people" directed by Attila Kállai received an IMDB -November 2008 "Pizza for Breakfast: Pre-Shoot" receives an IMDB -November 2008 "Breaking News" receives an IMDB -November 2008 Atka Films and Sillycod Prod open their new production office on Powell street. ARC(facebook/site) -October 2008 Attila headed to Toronto for the Indie Can Film Festival to promote "F.Y.T." opening the festival -September 2008 "Memory: director's cut" is completed -August 2008 "Breaking News" premieres at the 20th Vancouver Queer Film Festival -April 2008 Attila and his business partner Magali Gauthier won BEST FILM for their short "Breaking News" in the Video Out Contest -April 2008, "Watering Down the Will" premieres at the Vancouver Film Race. -April 2008, a partnership of Attila (Atka Films) and Magali Gauthier brought their first award for Best Films; since 2008(in partnership) Atka Films has consistently received awards and festivals screenings and distribution deals each year to date as of 2014. They sometimes they are credited as one company under "Atka Prod". Magali and Attila have worked together on nearly 30 productions. From 2006-2014 short films and commercials brought Atka Films into being known in the independent and main stream film scene in Vancouver as a group that gets it done and wins awards. ​ -January 2008 Attila Kállai and Magali Gauthier officially join as business partners; Atka Prod is born ​ ​ 2007 -December 2007 "F.Y.T." receives an IMDB -September 2007, footage from " Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2007: Cherry Jam" screens during TIFF a part of a promotional video created by Blue Media airing during the festival as promotion for the Vancouver art scene . Blue Media is the only licensed distributor for the footage, although non-exclusive -September 2007 "Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2007: Cherry Jam" premieres at the Vancouver Spirit Awards -January 2007 filming begins on "Cold Side of the Pillow" ​ ​ 2006 -August 2006 Pre-production began on the major feature "Cold Side of the Pillow", which started to being to life Atka Films as a separate entity from Attila Kállai. -September 2006 casting begins for feature film "Cold Side of the Pillow" ​ ​ 2005 -October 2005 Atka Films began to move forward as a hobby for founder Attila Kállai, premire-ing two films "Memory: special edition" and "Dinner" to a sold out audience at Video In Video Out -September 2005 "Dinner" is finished -August 2005 "Memory: special edition" second cut is finished -August 2005 Attila Kállai arrives in Vancouver to establish the home production office for Atka Films, which is NO longer an accident! -June 2005, fourth video in the Katimavik series is released, and picks up distribution: "Life As It Isn't: a documentary about volunteering" ​ ​ 2004 -November 2004, Katimavik video series releases the first video "Katima-Victims '04-'05", with protest and censorship at the first screening -September 2004, Katimavik video Series begins shooting -August 2004 shooting begins on the short sci-fi, dark comedy "Dinner" -April 2004, since 2000, with a few added members the friends who started creating videos together in 2000, finished shooting their final film together; "Friends 'Til the Bitter End". The group separated and have not worked together since as a whole. Attila has continued on his own as an actor and producer. -January 2004 Memory(original version) is release to great reviews and tears ​ ​ 2003 -Fa ll 2003 Atka Films is created accidently due to a class assignment ​ ​ 2000 -Fall 2000, Attila decided with his friends to create their own work, projects, their own... Money? (they really just wanted to perform as much as possible, it was; and still is a love) Money was scarce and far in between; until 2003 when the first copy of "Memory" (Attila's first film as director/writer) was sold. As exciting as this was, ten dollars doesn't really do much. JOIN US Through our decades of experience here at Atka with independent filmmaking, the biggest matter that we've come across is that most filmmakers have a drive to make a film, but most of the time are not able to carry it through. Due to either they've realized it's very hard, or do not have the resources, or the finances. With the independent/guerilla filmmakers in mind-we can provide you with all the filmmaking tools you may need to complete your film, with no hassle to figure out how, or the high cost. We're here to offer advice, and or our services. When you come to us asking to create contracts, to organize a Film Premiere, or Publicity Stunt and more; we don't just do it for you, we explain Why, and How, and show you how your project has it's own unique brand of creation-and that it doesn't fit into a box. Below are some of the main services we offer. We're excited to hear from you: WHAT WE CAN DO -Crewing(find your crew) -Casting(find your cast) -Catering(feed your cast and crew) -Subtitling(let the world know what you're saying) -Insurance(cover your A$$) -Behind the Scenes documentaries of your production(give a little back to cast/crew) -DVD creation(dvd covers/dvd image/dvd duplication-give even more back to your crew and cast) -Film Promotions(poster design/publicity packages/festival packages) -Film Premieres(give a heck of a lot back to the cast and crew for making your project happen) -Fundraisers/Publicity Stunts(spreading the word) -Headshots(need pictures?) -Demo Clips(don't have clips and want to be in a short film?) -Demo Package(need all your stills and video in one handout?) -Business Cards(something to hand out?) -Website Design(more digital) COMMUNITY PROJECTS WE DONATE TO: Matthew Shepard The Trevor Project MORE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS JCM & ASSOCIATES - Education Consultants, UBC(educational resource video for faculty and public use) I would like to commend the work of Atka Films Inc. in the filming and production of video recordings from a two day educational conference held by the University of British Columbia’ School Leadership Centre.The event took place over two days at a Richmond, BC hotel and was attended by over 100 participants. Attila Kallai, Executive Producer spent many hours filming at the events using two cameras and carefully tracking the speakers and understanding the proceedings of the conference. He spent many more hours editing and preparing DVD’s for distribution to participants, including superimposing PowerPoint presentations into the video of speakers and adding titles and subtitles. He created the graphics and printing for the DVD case to illustrate the conference's intent.I have no hesitation in recommending Attila Kállai and Atka Films Inc. to any individual or organization. Dr. John C. Moss - Principal Consultant, UBC ​ ​ CHERRY BLOSSOM(annual art festival, documentary creation) Vancouver Cherry Blossom FestivalI found Atka Films to be available, reliable, innovative and open to incorporating ideas.Attila is extremely dedicated to his art form, personable and passionate about his work. Whatever the weather he was always there with the camera, capturing the essence of the true beauty of the "Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival". Atka Films delivered a quality, wonderful video with a fresh look at the annual festival. Linda Poole - Creative Director, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival ​ ​ MINISTRY FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES(Drop In Centre for Street Youth) I have very much appreciated Attila's dedication and insight during the development of this project(Drop In Centre). He has also shown himself to be a trustworthy and hard working individual.One thing that is certain about Attila is that he loves film. He talks about film almost constantly and he is always animated and excited when talking about a new filming, editing, or acting project he is working on. There is no doubt in my mind that the entire process of creating a film is his deep and committed passion. Though I am not a film critic, I have been told by those who have greater knowledge than I, that Attila displays skill and insight on the camera, when editing, and when acting.It is my pleasure to attest to the excellent character of this inspired and inspiring young man and to confirm that he is not afraid of the hard work that is often associated with the creative process. Lyle Jones - Social Worker, Ministry for Children and Families ​ ​ METAMORPHOSIS(short film) Attila never failed at a deadline during the production when I was fortunate to have him on board. Self-driven effort and experienced confidence mark this person truly unique, a great partner.The amount of care and time he puts in is unbelievable.I would not hesitate to work with Attila again. Ching-Yun “Xavier” Ho - Digital Artist, Director of “Metamorphosis”

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA REVIEWS/PRESS CAST/CREW SOUNDTRACK SCRIPT ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In Watch Video Trailer Press SHARE Take it like a man(2007) Executive Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai) Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Idris Hudson Writer/Director Attila(as Attila Kállai) Stars Michelle Van Kampen, Loriel Medynski Genre experimental, dark comedy, sketch Tagline jam never tasted this sweet Synopsis A cobbler zombie tries to avoid the romantic advances of a human cat hybrid. While the couple next door has yet again another breakup. Time 15 minutes Links Xtra West Newspaper, IMDB Language English(spoken) Location Canada Production Dates December 2005 - February 2006 Shoot Dates January 2006 Release Date -????, January 2006 -January 2006, J Lounge, Vancouver, British Columbia Awards Official Selection Xtra West Cultural Series 2009 Content Rated G VIDEO STILLS BTS OTHER screenshots ​ TRIVIA -This was a last minute project that was thrown together for two reasons, one being that Script Supervisor Magali was the Assistant Director of "Cold Side of the Pillow" also directed by Attila. MAgali mentioned a contest they could enter to make a short film. Two, Attila thought it was a good idea to get the team of the feature film "Cold Side of the Pillow together and see how we work together before spending the next year together. Most of the same crew was also on the feature, which was crewed and cast before this idea came up. ​ REVIEWS/PRESS ​ Cast ATTILA - Charlie(as Attila Kállai) Fleur the cat - Rufus IDRIS HUDSON - Johnny MITCH McGUIRE - Gary LORIEL MEDYNSKI - Caraline JUSTIN PARKER - Elevator Man MICHELLE VAN KAMPEN - Julia ​ Crew ATTILA(as Attila Kállai) - Executive Producer/Producer/Writer/Director/Music by/DOP/Editor/Casting/Graphic Artist/BTS Producer/Camera/Musician/ Stunt Coordinator Tea Buechner - Associate Producer Rob Erickson - Associate Producer Carmen Finkenberger - Associate Producer MAGALI GAUTHIER - Producer(re-issued version)/BTS camera and Stills/Camera/Still photographer/L ocation Scout/Script Supervisor/ Assistant Editor/Subtitler/B oom Operator Idris Hudson - Producer/P ublicist/Boom Operator Yui Ishigaki...Associate Producer DAYNA FURST - Costume Designer/B oom Operator/Camera Operator KYLA ROCKINGHAM - Key Makeup Artist/Hair Aemil Folgizan - BTS Camera/BTS Photographer/Still Photographer Matthew Presidente - Musician Mark Kowalk - Grateful Thanks Denis Simpson - Special Thanks ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Executive Production/Distributor/Casting/Crewing LEGACY - Production Company ​ soundtrack ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ script TOP

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    ATKA FILMS REALITY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY PRODUCTIONS ATKA FILMS 2 ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING/CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In ABOUT Atka Films Reality is exactly what it sounds like: a new extension of Atka Films that specifically creates reality and documentary videos and films. We realized that we already had a large collection of reality videos and films, which we have not yet released as this was not our original plan. But now we figure, why let it go to waste. Below is a list of projects that are either in development or are completed and waiting to be released. WAtch free on our YouTube channel. ​ ​ SERVICES We strive to provide our behind the scenes services to production groups at low rates and or free to create aking of Videos for productions for all level of producers. It's a great gift to be able to give to the crew and cast. If you would like a Behind the Scenes video created please contact us Behind The Scenes/M here . MONDAY ​ TUESDAY ​ ​ ​ WEDNESDAY ​ THURSDAY ​ ​ ​ ​ FRIDAY ​ SATURDAY ​ SUNDAY The Art Of...(2008-2013) (people) 5 Episodes Magali Gauthier, Attila Starring Two filmmakers record their lives at home, play, and some work. Synopsis Every other week starting November 4, 2019 Airing SMN(2007-2009) (fashion) 15 Episodes Dominik, Idris Hudson Starring Following photographer Domonik on his bikini shoots. Synopsis Every other week starting November 5, 2019 Airing HOW TO: Atka Films(2020) (educational) unknown Episodes unknown Starring How to produce independent film ethically and professionally. Synopsis Every other week starting January 8, 2020 Airing #VanLife(2016-????) (community/politics) 100 Episodes Raven Light, Attila, Becky Oben, Dayna Furst Starring Discussions with artist about homelessness, mental health, and more. Synopsis November 7, 2019 Airing BtS: behind the scene(2020) (filmmaking) unknown, see below for projects to be released Episodes unknown Starring BTS for the films created by the Atka Films brands. Synopsis January 3, 2020 Airing documentaries(2020) (films/movies/videos) unknown, see below for projects to be released Episodes unknown Starring Full films, movies, and videos from the Atka Films brands. Synopsis One a month starting February 8, 2020 Airing Watch Series Watch Series Watch Series Watch Seasons 1-4 Watch Season 5 Watch BtS Watch Cooking with the Hun(2020) (cooking) unknown Episodes Attila Starring A retired actor cooks from his cookbook, as he opens his cafe. Synopsis Every other week starting February 9, 2020 Airing Watch Series productioNS ​ 1. Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood (series, documentary) (????) ( development) executive production, production company, distributor Stories about the businesses in the East Vancouver and the people who operate them. ​ 2. Vlogs (series, news) (????) (development) executive production, production company, distributor Interviews with John and Jane Q about the events happening around the world. ​ 3. How To: Atka Films (educational series) (2020) ( development) executive production, production company, distributor Founder of Atka Films talks about how to produce independent film ethically and professionally and what legal lines can be blurred and not blurred ​ 4. How To: untitled actor interview (series) (2020) executive production, production company, distributor An interview with a veteran of predominantly independent productions who talks about the experiences on each show; from over 20 years. ​ 5. The... (feature) (2020) distributor The child/adult abuse that actor Attila has gone through and how it has effected his day to day life. A tell-all documentary where he talks about the abuse his parents put him through and each other, drug use, alcohol use, working as an actor/filmmaker, talking about aging, discussing his feelings about the Industry and brief thoughts about his life as an artist when it comes to writing, painting, sketching. As well as his time working in the adult video industry, and struggling with his sexuality. ​ 6. Cooking With The Hun (series) (2020) (post production) executive production, production company, distributor A retired actor cooks from his cookbook, as he opens his cafe. ​ 7. trailers/promos (videos) (2020 ) distributor Trailers and other promotional videos from the Atka Films brand that are based in the reality, documentary genre. ​ 8. SMN (series) (2019 ) distributor Following photographer Domonik on his bikini shoots. ​ 9. #VanLife (series) (2019 ) (filming) executive production, production company, distributor Discussions with artist about homelessness, mental health, and more. ​ 10. The Art Of... (series) (2019 ) distributor Two filmmakers record their lives at home, play, and some work. ​ 11. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (short) (2017) distributor The 2006 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival at Burrard Skytrain Station. ​ 12. Pizza For Breakfast: pre shoot (short film based on the book) (2017) distributor Frank and Zelda life as owners of a pizza restaurant change forever when a stranger becomes a customer. [a docu-drama] ​ 13. Wes's Life (feature) (2017) distributor A gothic teenager spends the evening with a friend goofing around and sharing his teenage views on life. (a docu-drama) ​ 14. Katimavik (feature) (2017) distributor In September 2004 eleven teenage Canadians disappeared in Canada while becoming Katima-Victims. Nine months later their lives were changed forever. ​ 15. Music: connecting people (short) (2017) distributor A documentary about how aboriginal music affects people in the downtown east side of Vancouver BC. PRODUCTION NOTES some productions may have already been released by another company in previous years; some are brand new productions produced by us or others and we are just the acting distributor. Release dates are dates of our distribution not production dates.

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA REVIEWS/PRESS CAST/CREW ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In Watch Film Trailer Crewing/Casting SOON The...(????) post production Executive Producer/Producer Attila Writers Attila, Judit Bék èssy(segments) Director Attila, TBA Stars Tamas Bekessy, Attila Judit Bekessy Genre drama, biography, musical, true story, lgbt Tagline Synopsis 1989: Canada becomes the new home that a Hungarian family seeks as they immigrate to start new lives away from violence. 20 years later the youngest child returns to Hungary to reconnect with his dead uncle, and discover who he himself is - Hopefully. Time feature Links Languages English(spoken/subtitle), Hungarian(spoken/subtitle), French(spoken/subtitle) Location Canada, Hungary, America, France Production Dates November 2012 - present Shoot Dates January 23 2013 - present Release Dates Awards Content Coarse Language, Alcohol Use, Nudity and Sexuality, Rated 18+ SHARE VIDEOS STILLs TRIVIA -January 23, 2013: Was the first day of shooting, it was the most "nerve racking" shoot day for director Attila: "than any day I've ever had on set". ​ -Tamas Békèssy is uncle to filmmaker Attila. -A clip from the film is scheduled to be released this year, of the main character Attila; reading from his novel that he writes during shooting-which is about the shoot itself and his search to connect with his family. In the clip Attila reads from his novel about the moment when he finally finds his grandmother only to have her die the next day. -The film is about the child abuse/adult abuse that actor Attila has gone through and how it has effected his day to day life. A tell-all documentary where he talks about the abuse his parents put him through and each other, drug use, alcohol use, working as an actor/filmmaker, talking about aging, discussing his feelings about the Industry and brief thoughts about his life as an artist when it comes to writing, painting, sketching. As well as his time working in the adult video industry, and struggling with his sexuality. ​ REVIEWS/PRESS ​ Cast ATTILA - Attila/BK JUDIT BÉKÈSSY - Judit TAMAS BÉKÈSSY - Trixi/Tamas(archive footage) ISTVAN BÉKÈSSY - Steve(archive footage) ​ Crew ? - Director ATTILA - Writer/Story by/Director/Executive Producer JUDIT BÉKÈSSY - Story by TAMAS BÉKÈSSY - Soundtrack(performer: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", "New York, New York") ATKA FILMS - Executive Production, Production Company, Casting, Crewing, Insurance, Distributor JUST ACT FILMS - Executive Production, Production Company, Distributor HU FILM FUND - With Financial Support From CINEWORKS - Produced with the Assistance Of TOP

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    efiL: PART 1 ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING/CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In An overflow production company for Atka Films for the short projects that are not greenlite under Atka Films. These projects are all shot on an ultra low budget-and or volunteer basis ; all participants are volunteers and producers who work together as a team; in a CoOp environment. With a mind set more to challenge people to really think about how to get a project done, when a budget is tight or non-existant. Just Act Films is also now taking over more primarily as Distribution for Atka Films and it's affiliates. Just Act Films was created by our original founder Attila, more as personal group driven production team; to give something back to people who struggle to get projects off the ground. It's a mentorship group in ways, educational, and equal share. You can read all the details by downloading the PDF's. PROJECTS (????) [production/distributor] The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 4 short (outline ) The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 3 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline ) The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 2 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline ) The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 1 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline) (????) [production/distributor] Tinderella series (development ) (????) [production/distributor] Cascadiac short (development ) (????) [distributor] Boxed short (development ) (????) [production/distributor] Spooning 4 part mini-series (pre production) (????) [production/distributor] efiL: PART 4 short (filming) efiL: PART 3 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming) efiL: PART 2 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming) efiL: PART 1 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming) (????) [production/distributor] Solo feature (post production ) The... (????) feature [distributor] (post production ) Cold Side of the Pillow (????) [distributor] feature (post production ) Dogs, Dames, & Trouble [2019] [distributor] short (post production) Katimavik (2014) [distributor] feature Over (2012) [distributor] short Breaking News (2008) [distributor] PSA Tinderella Spooning Solo Attila Attila, TBA Attila, TBA efiL: PART 1(????) Executive Producer Producers Directors TBA Attila, TBA drama, romance at one point, life goes backwards A girl's life starts to go backwards. feature English Toronto, Canada June 2014 - present(filming/pre production) August 2014(11), Coarse Language, Violence, Sexuality and Nudity Starring Writers Genre Tagline Synopsis Time Language Location Production Dates Shoot Dates Release Dates Subtitles Awards Content Trivia -The story came from Producer Attila's personal journal, his personal experiences. -Shooting locations include: Urban Herbivore, Wanda's Pie in the Sky both in Kensington Market-Toronto. ​ Cast TBA - Girl TBA - Guy TBA - Brother TBA - Detective TBA - Detective 2 TBA - Detective 3 TBA - Chief TBA - Mole TBA - Mole 2 TBA - Waitress TBA - Criminal TBA - Mob Boss TBA - Street Person 1 TBA - Street Person 2 TBA - Dead Street Person Christina - Babysitter TBA - Kidnapper TBA - Kidnapper 2 TBA - Hero TBA - Comedian ​ Crew ATTILA - Director/Writer/Editor/Executive Producer/Producer/Camera/Cinematographer TBA - Writer/Director TBA - Writer/Director TBA - Still Photographer JUST ACT FILMS - Executive Company/Production Company/Distributor/Casting/Crewing ATKA FILMS - Presents/Distributor/Insurance WANDA'S PIE IN THE SKY - special thanks/location URBAN HERBIVORE - special thanks/location

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    sign up ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING/CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Log In current membership features ONE TIME PAYMENT, LIFETIME ACCESS ​ ​ films and bonus videos for lifetime unlimited streaming download and watch offline full Development LIST ​ ​ future membership features live streaming Q n A during: casting sessions/script reads/shoots/commentary shoots pre public release casting notices previews of scripts

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    Log In ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS HAPPY HOUR development to distribution ATKA FILMS our partners/subsidiaries YOUTUBE distributor ATKA FILMS REALITY production/distributor AMAZON PRIME distributor (development) JUST ACT FILMS distributor/production ATTILA character actor/filmmaker/artist ATKA FILMS 2 distributor

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