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Executive Producer Attila

Producers Attila, Shawn Derricks

Writer/Director Attila

Stars Brendan Bailey, Attila, Jesse Setka, Amanda Pelz

Genre drama

Tagline everything will be just fine...  as soon as it all gets better

Synopsis David(Attila) and his friends Emmett(Jesse Setka) and Debbie(Amanda Pelz) reconnect every year in remembrance of a tragic accident that took the life of their friend Amy(Dayna Thomas). They find themselves plagued with pain, guilt, anger, and blame as they struggle to find peace.  Will they every truly be able to move on, or will it haunt them for eternity?

Time 20 minutes

Links Sunset Theatre, Wells BC, Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde

Languages English, French(subtitles)

Location Canada

Production Dates June 2012 - August 30 2012

Shoot Dates June/July/August 2012

Release Dates

-February 2014, internet

-January 21-30 2014, Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde(Rouen, Haute-Normandie)

-August 30 2012, cast/crew/media premiere(Wells, British Columbia)


-Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde 2014: Official Selection, Nominated Audience Choice, Nominated Jury Prize

Content Coarse Language, Alcohol Use, Rated 13+













CATHY EISMA - Teacher of Debbie

TINA CRANTZ - Grandmother of David

SHEENA OLSEN - Friend of Emmett

SAYA WOODS - Aunt of Amy

JACK ZHOU - Friend of Amy(deleted scene)


ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Stills/Editor/Executive/BTS Camera and Stills

MAGALI GAUTHIER - Subtitler/Translator

SHAWN DERRICKS - Producer/Executive Assistant

JESSE SETKA - Camera/Camera Assistant

AMANDA PELZ - Camera/BTS Stills

ROBERT AHAD - Composer

TT - Graphic Designer/Colouring


GARY CHAMPAGNE - Very Special Thanks

LEANNE DAVIES - Very Special Thanks

JAMES DOUGLAS - Very Special Thanks

NEVA GLASS - Very Special Thanks

JOHN MITCHELL - Very Special Thanks

JACK ZHOU - Very Special Thanks

DYLAN COULTER - Very Special Thanks

SUNSET THEATRE - Very Special Thanks

DISTRICT OF WELLS - Very Special Thanks


BARKERVILLE - Very Special Thanks

CREATIVE COMMONS - Stock Music/Footage

SILLYCOD PROD - Subtitles/Executive Production

ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Production Company/Casting/Premiere Event Organizer/Costumes/Publicity/Distributor

SD PRODUCTIONS - Production Company

JUST ACT FILMS - Distributor

AMAZON - Distributor


from the premiere guest book:

"so glad to be here for this" -Carrie J.


"Amanda was here"


"Felicity, Ted, Sam Tara -Barkerville Campground"

"Great Job" -Windsong


"Great Gravitas!" -Marcello Segueira

"Wonderful how the whole thing came together. Congratulations" -Robert Ahad


"Much Love" -Jesse Setka


"Amazing! Good work. Much Love" -Keely


"Awesome Job :) Good luck with the rest of the projects you've got ahead of you! :)  Really
enjoyed the film... Can't wait to see more" -Sandra S.


"Awesome Job Attila :) You are such a talented person, also nice person.  See you around -Barkerville :)"


-When reading the credits on the film and counting the number of actors in the film, it can be noticed that the amount of credits does not match the amount of people seen on screen. There are less credits, this is due to one of the actors telling the director that they feel "it's not worth being on (my)resume".  This actor did not have it on their resume or their website, until after the film was nominated in a festival.  But, due to the obvious verbal and non-existant crediting of this film on that actors profiles or resume, it was understood they do not want to be attached to this film.  So most of their online credits have been removed.  Their credits still remains on some advertisements and the film itself.

-Every film that director Attila is created as Director; has a "crazy" credit for him as the Director along side the basic "an Attila Kállai film"; this "crazy" credit always relates to the theme of the film and adds to the many layers which already exist within his films; such as the meanings of all characters' names reflect their personality(you really have to watch his films more then twice to even begin to see the layers and hints-and some are very very tricky: for example; the speedometer at the end of the film:the numbers).  At the end of the film his credit also reads "a reflection by Attila Kállai".


-"Over" was never planned to be created, but when on another production Attila was found out to be a producer; he was asked by his fellow cast members to produce a short film for them.


-The original script was a murder mystery, which a vast amount of characters, and crew, including areal photography; but due to time constraints of cast and crew due to other projects ,the script was cut down.


-Attila Kállai never intended to apart of the film as a performer; it was due to the storyline and whom was require to create the tone and feel and surprises of the film.


-The storyline in the film deals with an accident; only during the filming did the producers find out that un-intentionally everyone that was brought onto the project has known someone that was in an accident-subsequently making the film mean more than ever intended-the energy on set was thick.


-Brendan's character name is "Tim" and Robert's name is "Dale".  Just as an inside joke Brendan's other name was "Chip"-but was never used as it doesn't relate to his characters personality.


-Tina's character was "Grandmother of David"; this was no accident that it was specifically her character.  As Attila and Tina worked together in a theatrical show at the same time and they bonded very well, and that sort of became the relationship they had.  And for personal reasons as well for the director.


-A "crazy credit" was Windsong Whitehead as "Tripod Wrangler"(the "crazy credit" is not her name!).


-Special thanks credit: "The Producers thank the Wells and Barkerville residence for their support and co-operation in creating this production.


-The speedometer at the end totals up to the number of people whom died in the accident.


-The line "everything will be just fine...  as soon as it all gets better" was spoken by Says Wood's character; this was something that her personal friend use to say; whom passed away.


-The people being interviewed are not actors, they are locals from the town; whom has all had personal experience of loosing someone in a car crash.  Needless to say the director was very nervous when revealing the film to the locals, as a lot of this film was created and inspired because of them.  This was gift of understanding from the director Attila to the town- as an outsider.  As the production went on, it was discovered that every single person involved in any way with this production has known someone who has died in a car accident.


-Another layer and clue in the film; as there are many; is that the first letter of each characters name spells out the ending; and specifically whom has died; and in the order of their appearances: DEAD: David, Emmett, Amy, Debbie.


-The estimated budget was $3000.


-Shot in Wells, Canada/Barkerville Highway/Barkerville, Canada


-Dustin's hand was bandagged because he is a blacksmith's apprentice and recently burned himself; it was not apart of the film in any way.


-A slip of the finger happens during David's monologue, and the camera operator lets a finger slip into frame while changing the focus.  This was not noticed until after the film had wrapped.


-Attila was not happy in any way about how his hair looked in this film.

-And inside joke when the sister tell d David to drive himself;(of course when he responds to say he cannot, it's because he is a ghost and cannot touch anything; which doesn't explain why he can sit...) this is an inside joke because actor Attila at the time did not have a drivers' license.


-The film length is 20 minutes, not 21 minutes as written on the dvd.  After the final cut was made and the dvd cover was designed and printed; for some reason there was another cut made, and the film was cut down another minute to make the new run time from 21 to 20.


-Was finished 4 hours before the premiere.


-There were technical delays at the premiere and the film started 30 min late because the theatre workers didn't know how to project a films; it had been so long since they did it that they had forgotten.  There was no exact labelled organization to the area.


-The interview video "Never Over" was supposed to be included as a behind the scene making-with footage yet to be released in 2016.  But, the interview itself was just so poignant and captivating and wonderful to watch that it was left just as a stand still, being only Rev. Austin Spry.


-The posters that currently exist along with other promotional material and crediting within the film includes a person(Tracy Froese) that was apart of the lead cast and crew, but is not listed on the companies website.  This person was removed from the crediting on the website after she commented "It's not worth having on the resume".  The rest of the promotional material and film has been left as is for the moment, as due to the amount of work it would take to remove all listed credits.

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