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An overflow production company for Atka Films for the short projects that are not greenlite under Atka Films. These projects are all shot on an ultra low budget-and or volunteer basis ; all participants are volunteers and producers who work together as a team; in a CoOp environment. With a mind set more to challenge people to really think about how to get a project done, when a budget is tight or non-existant. Just Act Films is also now taking over more primarily as Distribution for Atka Films and it's affiliates. Just Act Films was created by our original founder Attila, more as personal group driven production team; to give something back to people who struggle to get projects off the ground.  It's a mentorship group in ways, educational, and equal share.  You can read all the details by downloading the PDF's.


The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 4 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline)

The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 3 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline)

The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 2 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline)

The Chasing Dragon: VERSION 1 (????) short [production/distributor] (outline)

Tinderella (????) series [production/distributor] (development)

Cascadiac (????) short [production/distributor] (development)

Boxed (????) short [distributor] (development)

Spooning (????) 4 part mini-series [production/distributor] (pre production)

efiL: PART 4 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming)

efiL: PART 3 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming)

efiL: PART 2 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming)

efiL: PART 1 (????) short [production/distributor] (filming)

Solo (????) feature [production/distributor] (post production)

The... (????) feature [distributor] (post production)

Cold Side of the Pillow (????) feature [distributor] (post production)

Dogs, Dames, & Trouble [2019] short [distributor] (post production)

Katimavik (2014) feature [distributor]

Over (2012) short [distributor]

Breaking News (2008) PSA [distributor]




The poster 4.jpg

efiL: PART 1(????)
Executive Producer
Producers Attila, TBA
Directors Attila, TBA

Starring TBA
Writers Attila, TBA
Genre drama, romance
Tagline at one point, life goes backwards
Synopsis A girl's life starts to go backwards.
Time feature
Language English
Location Toronto, Canada
Production Dates June 2014 - present(filming/pre production)
Shoot Dates August 2014(11), 
Release Dates 
Content Coarse Language, Violence, Sexuality and Nudity


-The story came from Producer Attila's personal journal, his personal experiences.

-Shooting locations include: Urban Herbivore, Wanda's Pie in the Sky both in Kensington Market-Toronto.


TBA - Girl

TBA - Guy

TBA - Brother

TBA - Detective

TBA - Detective 2

TBA - Detective 3

TBA - Chief

TBA - Mole

TBA - Mole 2

TBA - Waitress

TBA - Criminal

TBA - Mob Boss

TBA - Street Person 1

TBA - Street Person 2

TBA - Dead Street Person

Christina - Babysitter

TBA - Kidnapper

TBA - Kidnapper 2

TBA - Hero

TBA - Comedian


ATTILA - Director/Writer/Editor/Executive Producer/Producer/Camera/Cinematographer

TBA - Writer/Director

TBA - Writer/Director

TBA - Still Photographer

JUST ACT FILMS - Executive Company/Production Company/Distributor/Casting/Crewing

ATKA FILMS - Presents/Distributor/Insurance

WANDA'S PIE IN THE SKY - special thanks/location

URBAN HERBIVORE - special thanks/location


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