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Crewing/Casting SOON

watering own the will(????) post production 

Executive Producers Magali Gauthier, Attila

Producers Magali Gauthier, Attila, Trevor Tablotney, Bobby Burrows
Director TT
Stars Meeshelle Neal, Amy Rose Hamelin, Sahil Dalal, Marie-France Gratton, Bobby Burrows, Attila

Writers Magali Gauthier, TT, Amy Rose Hamelin, Trevor Tablotney

Genre comedy
Greed is a four letter word.
Synopsis The children of a dysfunctional family are summoned by a babbling lawyer to disperse their father's will, who speaks from beyond the grave.

-? minutes, Watering Down the WIll

-9 minutes, "Watering Down the Will: preview" (2008)
Links Film Racing, Tab Films, Atka Prod
Languages English(spoken/subtitles), French(subtitles)
Location Canada
Production Dates

-June 2008 - Present(post-production: full version)

-June 2008 - June 21 2008(Preview version Film Racing)
Shoot Dates June 21 2008
Release Dates
-????, Internet(full version)

-July 22, 2013, Internet("Watering Down the Will: Preview")

-June 25 2008, "Watering Down the Will: Preview"  version at Diesel Film Racer Vancouver 2008, The Ridge Theatre
Awards/Selections TBA
Coarse Language, Alcohol Use, Rated 13+



SAHIL DALAL - Adopted Son

MARIE-FRANCE GRATTON - Alcoholic Daughter

BOBBY BURROWS - Acrediteded Lawyer

AMY-ROSE HAMELIN - Crazy Daughter

MEESHELLE NEAL - Good Daughter

ATTILA - Mute Son

TBA - Father(VOICE)


TT - Director/Writer

? - Writer(voice overs written by)

MAGALI GAUTHIER - Executive Producer/Producer/AD/Assistant Preview Editor(2008)/Writer

ATTILA - Executive Producer/Producer/Writer/Preview Editor(2008)

SATOSHI HIKAWA - Boom Operator/Sound Mixer/Lighting

AMY-ROSE HAMELIN - Writer/Makeup

TREVOR TABLOTNEY - Camera/DOP/Producer/Writer/Lighting/Lead Preview Editor(2008)


NEVA GLASS - Photographer/Assistant Camera/Makeup/Lighting

VIKTORIA PRAWDA - Rough Cut Preview Editor(2008)

SILLYCOD PROD - Executive Production/Production/Casting/Catering/Distributor

ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Presents

TAB FILMS - Production Company

BURROWS PRODUCTIONS - Production Company

ATKA PROD - Production Company

JUST ACT FILMS - Distributor


-The final movie was already cut and completed in 2009, brilliantly edited by a hired, paid editor; which changed the whole movie into a completely new one(saving the movie and making it great); but the day that the producers were supposed to meet to get the final copy the editor never showed and has not been heard from since.  Since then other projects have taken priority, and the full movie has not yet been completed, just the preview is available(which is a far cry from how good final movie looks).