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code 5(2011)

Executive Producer Andy Ahluwalia, Sven Soukup

Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), James Ferguson

Director Todd Donald

Writers Sven Soukup

Stars Arpad Bologh, Sheldon Trosko

Genre action, drama


Synopsis A young Lawyer finds himself in a desperate situation, as a member of the Emergency Response Team tries to negotiate him back to safety.

Time 10 minutes

Links Facebook Page(Cognito. Studios.), Chino Kino listing

Language English

Location Canada

Production Dates August 2010 - August 16, 2011

Shoot Dates 2010/2011

Release Dates

-????, internet

-March 27/28, 2012, Canadian International Film Festival(Vancouver, British Columbia)

-Oct. 22, 2011, Blue Snowman Film Festival(Montreal, Quebec)

-Oct.14, 2011, Moving Image Film Festival(Toronto, Ontario)

-Aug. 26, 2011, Las Vegas Cine Fest(Las Vegas, Nevada)

-Aug. 16, 2011, cast/crew/media premiere(Vancouver, British Columbia)


-Official Selection/Winner Rising Star Award Canadian International Film Festival 2012

-Official Selection/Winner Best Original Soundtrack/Winner Best Cinematography/Winner Best Short Film Blue Snowman Film Festival 2011

-Official Selection Moving Image Film Festival 2011

-Official Selection Las Vegas Cine Fest 2011

Content Scenes of Violence, Rated 13+



ARPAD BALOGH - Justin McAdams

SVEN SOUKUP - Michael McAdams

SHELDON TROSKO - Security Guard

MARK CAMPBELL - E.R.T. Sergeant (voice)

CARRIE-ANN BAILEY - Police Command (voice)

HOUDA EL OUAZZANI - 911 Dispatcher (voice)

HARRY CHOO - E.R.T. Bravo Unit (voice)

RAMI FARHAN - E.R.T. Charley Unit (voice)

ANDY AHLUWALIA - E.R.T. Alpha Unit (voice)

CHRIS DUCHAINE - Police Officer 1 (voice)

GISELLA MARIA - Police Officer 2 (voice)

BILL MARLES - Elderly Neighbor (voice)


SVEN SOUKUP - Executive Producer/Writer/Property Master/Assistant Camera/Voice Casting/Costumer/Assistant Editor/Director(uncredited)

ANDY AHLUWALIA - Co-Executive Producer/Dialogue Editor/Sound Editor/Sound Mixer/Assistant Camera/Post Production Supervisor

ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Producer/Assistant Director/Production Supervisor/Casting/Location Manager/Assistant Camera

JAMES FERGUSON - Producer/Grip/Lighting Technician

TODD DONALD - Director/Cinematographer/Camera Operator/Editor/Original Music/Composer:theme music/Set Dresser

DARRELL ORYDZUK - Associate Producer/Very Special Thanks

NEVA GLASS(as YANA YASENEVA) - Assistant Camera/Chief Lighting Technician/Lighting Technician

SIMON LEUNG - Still Photographer

JOHANN REX TE - Still Photographer

RUSSELL SEELEY - Still Photographer



SHAWN DERRICKS - Casting Assistant/Special Thanks

KYLA CHARNEY - Key Makeup Artist

TIFFANY MORTON - Makeup Artist


SHELDON TROSKO -Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Performer

YORIS BOSMAN - Grip/Lighting Technician

MOHAMED AHMED - Grip/Lighting Technician/Boom Operator/Sound Mixer

MICHAEL JULIAN BERZ - Sound Mixer/Boom Operator

STEVE FAGAN - Boom Operator/Sound Mixer

RAJAN KHANIJAON - Sound Editor/Sound Effect Editor

JAMES GUTTRIDGE - Original Music/Composer:theme music

SEAN HOSEIN - Original Music/Composer:theme music

MARIA CUNDARI - Caterer/Craft Service

EILEEN PENG -Logo Designer(Cognito.Studios.)/Special Thanks

JUSTIN SZILAGYI - Location Scout/Special Thanks

JENNY WOOD - Script Supervisor

BART ANDERSON - Special Thanks

KENNETH BARR - Special Thanks

AARON CRAVEN - Very Special Thanks

TRINA DUHRA - Special Thanks

PHILIP GRANGER - Special Thanks

NEIL JAMIESON - Very Special Thanks

MARY MAXWELL - The Producers wish to Thank/Special Thanks


INGRID TORRANCE - Very Special Thanks

RAY WEREMCZUK - The Producers wish to Thank/Special Thanks


COGNITO STUDIOS - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor

ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Casting/Crewing/Catering/Craft Service/Premiere Event Organizer/Distributor

FLIQIO - Distributor


-The 'Long-board' was the official onset transportation.

-"Waves Coffee House" was the official production meeting spot for, "Code 5".

-"Vegas Cine Fest" was the first to accept "Code 5" into their festival, 24 hours after its submission.

-Co-Executive Producer 'Andy Ahluwalia', was used as a voice for one of the E.R.T. Members in "Code 5".

-The opening living room still photos were all shot in under 4 hours in the New Westminster, BC area.

-"Code 5's" final scene, which would have shed light on it's ending, was never shot due to location complications.

-Producer Attila performed the audio breathing for Arpad Balogh during the ADR session, due to the fact Arpad had left the country to travel.


-Executive Producer / Lead Actor Sven Soukup, was hit with a 1k light during the filming of some of the hallway sequence, resulting in a cut across the nose. Fortunately, the make-up department leaves little to the viewing of this fact on screen.

-The name "McAdams" was chosen because Rachel McAdams is Executive Producer / Writer, Sven Soukups favorite actress.

-Actor Sheldon Trosko, went through two security guard shirts in the hallway fight sequence due to prop blood covering the original. The security patches were ripped off the original, and duck taped from under neither to the 2nd shirt to make up some of the shots you see in the final version of the film.


-"Code 5" was written and produced after Executive Producer / Writer Sven Soukup, was rejected for a role on a S.W.A.T. team for a commercial being shot in Vancouver, BC.

-All the opening living room still photos were taken on actor Arpad Balogh's final day in Vancouver, prior his leaving to L.A.


-Heavy rain pounded the school locations roof, as the cameras were rolling on Actor Sven Soukup, performing Michael McAdams. Heavy A.D.R. and sound work were required to aid in it's cleaning.

-"Code 5's" original plans for a director included Ingrid Torrance, who had to turn down the offer for personal reasons.


-An entire "cable-cam" rig was built for a shot, but never ended up being used. The concept of the shot was to film high over head, zipping through trees, in the opening chase sequence. Unfortunately, the production ran out of time to complete the shot.

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