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Choose the time for the appropriate Project.


Wait for your Skype Video link to be emailed to you 5 minutes prior to your audition. If you open the link in a web browser whether on your phone or laptop you do not need a Skype account with this link, you just join as "Guest";


Or alternatively if you have an account you can add Atka Films as a contact with Skype button shown on our website at the bottom right. If for some reason that does not work, you should open your app and add us manually by searching either for:

"Atka Films" or by the email "


On the day of your audition please login at least 5 minutes early, unless you are waiting for a link, then you may join the chat as soon as you receive the link(keep an on your junk boxes).


All auditions are recorded but not used for any purposes other than review of performances. Recordings are only used at later dates potentially for the purposes of behind the scenes promotions.

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